Sunday, 16 December 2012

Winter story

A typical winter story
- A winter night, two children left their house to find wood in the forest. It was snowing and the forest was dark. The children found a dead chipmunk with two head, they was scared and they ran rapid. When they stopped of run they didn't know where they were. They saw a light ray that exited of the floor. They walked to the light and they saw more animals dead with two heads. They slept until the sun shined and they knew where their house was. They ran to their house and they said to their mother where they were and what they saw. The children left their house to make a snowman with the snow and they saw again the light ray, they went to the light and they saw an underground way. They entered to the underground way but was dark, they went back to their house and they caught a lantern, they went to the underground way and they saw an elevator, they entered to the elevator and down to the minus two. There was experiments with animals and radioactivity. The light was a light ray radioactive to make humans will be immune to diseases. The children ran to their house and they phoned to the police. They solved all the problem with this dangerous and illegal experiments.

- This is a very good, winter story grandfather.
- Thank you, come on to search chipmunks.
- No, come in to the house to the chimney and a cup of hot chocolate.
- No, war of snowballs!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Healthy habits

Christmas story

South Pole goblins
It was December 23, just missing a day so that Santa Claus give away gifts to children around the world, but a South Pole goblinskidnapped had kidnapped Santa Claus to not give away gifts. North Pole goblins made a long journey to the South Pole to rescue Santa Claus. When they came prepared all their weapons and fought to kill all the goblins south pole, there were only five hours to distribute gifts. They get kill all the goblins and now had to find where they had kidnapped Santa Claus. They find he when only missing one hour to distribute gifts and distributed gifts to children around the world. 

Sigue leyendo para leerla en español

What's Up?

The summer holidays are ended, but christmas holidays arrive!
What's Up? returns to publish new news.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Los Pinares Woodland Project - Jose Aguilar

Around us there are a school, a secondary school, bars, an hermitage, Aqualand, Crocodile park, sport centre, sport fields, fair ground, a road, a way and a water company.
We couldn't find any chipmunk or any mouse.
The woodland has two drinking fountains, many tables, stone bench, many different plants, pine trees and olive trees.
It has two drinking fountains, many tables and stone benches.

Los Pinares Woodland Project - Juan Manuel Romero

It is very important to know about trees beacause they give us oxygen.
There are many tipes of plants in “Los Pinos”.
There aren't much animals in “Los Pinos”.
We couldn't find squirrels.
The woodland has many facilities for visitors.
It has many tipes ot trees.
It doesn't have grass on the gorund.
They were only on parts that the sun could reach.

Los Pinares Woodland Proyect - Natalia HIdalgo

It is a wooland.
There are flowers, trees, plants,animals...
There isn't much grass.
We couldn't find any spider
The wooland has a lot of pine trees.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Trip to El Chorro

In the morning we went to school as usual at 8:3O, we sat on the benches beside the front door, there we talked until the teacher came and told us t we were going to the bus. At 9 o'clock we went on the bus. Everybody chatted with no end, others listened to music and others took photos. It was a long journey ,about an hour.

When we got to “El Chorro” we saw enormous reservoir and trees. It was like if there was many beaches but instead of sand there was mud and rocks. At 10:15 we went of the bus and the teachers gave us an explanation about what we were going to see and do. After ten minutes we Began to walk, we went through a path and we got to an old weir where we recieved a good explanation. Beside the weir there was a tYpe of chair made of stone where the King of Spain sat.
At 11:05 we started our journey through the forest, we went through a huge cage of 25 m long. On our journey through the forest we saw lots of types of animals, trees and plants. We walked for more than 3 hours. We went along a byway to a place called “El caminito del rey” but it was very old and weak.

At 13:00 we got to the shop where people bought sweets and crisps and talked for a long while.
At 14:30 we went to the small “beach” where we swam about two hours and people took photos and ate food. At 17: 00 we went to another dam where we got small boats that we could drive an dive into the water, after that we changed clothes and waited for the bus .While we were talking each other. It was a long journey back and we were very tired.

Trip to "El Chorro"

On Monday 7th of May we hiked to "El Chorro".
At half past nine we took the bus, and arrived there at eleven to twenty. We started walking and went into a cave that wasn't very long. We continue walking and arrived at a power plant called "La Sevillana". We walked down the road and saw part of “El caminito del rey”. We went up the road and came to a viewpoint. From the viewpoint we saw the two dams. When we came back down, we swam in the reservoir and ate. At half past four we went for the hydro pedals, and then we took them at quarter past five. We spent an hour on the hydro pedals. At half past six we took the bus back to school, and we arrived there at eight to twenty.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Huelga de educación - 22 de Mayo

·         Como ciudadanas ciudadanos reivindicamos el decisivo papel que la Educación Pública ha tenido en la construcción de la España que disfrutamos hoy: democrática, plural y moderna. Personas crecidas y formadas en los colegios, institutos y universidades públicos desplegamos hoy nuestra actividad profesional en los más diversos ámbitos –científico, económico, cultural, social- tanto dentro como fuera de España. No olvidamos de dónde venimos.
·         Como exalumnas exalumnos de la Educación Pública, la defendemos como un patrimonio nacional irrenunciable, construido con el enorme esfuerzo y dedicación de las generaciones anteriores que entendieron que la educación pública no es la de unos pocos, sino el espejo de toda una sociedad.
·         Como madres padres reclamamos para nuestras hijas e hijos centros educativos públicos de calidad, en los que todos puedan ser escolarizados en las mejores condiciones cualquiera que sea su punto de partida, donde el más vulnerable de nuestros hijos reciba el mismo apoyo y la misma dedicación que aquel a quien el azar haya proporcionado mayores ventajas.
·         Como maestras y maestros, como profesorado de las diferentes etapas del sistema educativo, defendemos la Educación Pública como un derecho fundamental del ser humano. Ella es la garantía de una sociedad libre, igualitaria y cohesionada, y no podemos consentir que criterios de rentabilidad económica o adoctrinamiento de cualquier signo amenacen estos pilares esenciales de la vida en democracia.
·         Como alumnas alumnos de la Educación Pública reivindicamos un espacio común en el que con independencia de nuestra procedencia cultural y geográfica, nuestras creencias, etc. podamos tener las mismas condiciones de acceso al saber, al aprendizaje científico, cultural y artístico, y en el que podamos educarnos como ciudadanos de un mundo plural y mestizo como ha de ser inevitablemente el nuestro del que seremos, también, responsables.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Trailer de "Los juegos del hambre" Español / English

Trailer de "Los Juegos del Hambre" en español

"The Hunger Games" Trailer in english


Thursday, 19 April 2012


Torremolinos is a fantastic place of Malaga. There are beautiful mountains called Mount Los Pajaritos. There are big forests and woods, but the most important things are the beaches.
One of the best places to visit is Aquapark. There are beautiful green spaces with flowers and small animals. It's a great place for walking, jogging and cycling. Also you can visit monuments. You can see squirrels , crocodiles, jellyfish and many other animals in the woods.

Another fantastic place is Benalmadena There is a great theme park and there are also great beaches. You can see the Mijas costa on the top of Benalmadena. Another great thing you can visit is the Congress Palace were you can see car expositions concerts, and you can also buy clothes on Outlets or even you can assist to Expo Gay 2013.

By Juan Manuel Romero

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Come to Palenciana
Paleciana is a fantastic place in Cordoba. There aren't any big cities. There are a famous river called Genil.
One of the best places to visit is the Museum. There are beautiful valleys and you can go to the Genil to swim and see many animals. It's a great place for swimming, cycling, walking, climbing... Also you can visit the museum. You can see tortoises, pigeons, cats, dogs, eagles, chickens, pigs ...

 Another fantastic place is Benidorm in Alicante. There are beautiful beaches. You can see many tourists and tall towers.

Rolling In The Deep

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Turn up the music

This man dances even better than Michael Jackson

By Juan Manuel Romero

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Saint Valentine

Doubt that they are a fire the stars,
doubt that the Sun moves,
doubts that the truth is a lie,
but never doubt that our friendship breaks.
Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, 26 March 2012

Love poem

your eyes are blue,
your hair is dark,
you make me smile
and I love you so much

The ghost road

This story is about a boy of 19 years old and a girl of 18 years old.
They went to a St Valentin's party, they were talking, suddenly a rock fell into front of them and the boy stopped the car quickly and the girl hit her head and died, then the boy put her under there a tree and he went to his house.
Now every time that someone passes by this road sees the girl's ghost and she ask if they can take her home because her boyfriend left there.
Nathalia Hidalgo

English poem

I Love you

However you try to deny me my destiny.
As much attempts to dislodge from my mind, your image and your name.
However much I want to pass this immense love I feel for you..

I know I'll never stop seeing you inside me....
Maybe you will not feel what I feel ...
I know I wont stop looking you with my eyes full of love.
Because you cannot go against the destiny ...
And you are mine.

Trip to the Museum Picasso

Hi, I'm Juan Manuel Romero
Last Thursday 1st of December we went to the Picasso museum in Malaga. We went out of the school at 9 o'clock in the morning and we went way to the train. At quarter to ten everyone had his ticket and we went on the train. We were aproximately half an hour on the train untill we arrived to Málaga. When we arrived at our destiny we went walkin aproximately walking 35 minutes, we went where the old market was asn then we went around it because behind it there was a big lake. We went walkin 1 km aproximately untill we arrived a small garden where we had breakfast. Then, we went straight to the museum and there we had guide that gave us several explanations about all the pictures,at two 'oclock we went to the train and we arrives at Torremolinos at quarter to three.
By : Juan Manuel Romero Herrera 2ºA

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Picasso Museum

The 1 of December we went to the Picasso Museum of Málaga. We went to the train station at 9:30. When we arrived at Málaga we went to the garden of the cathedral for ate something. When we finished ate we went to the Museum. Before of enter we left our backpacks in a locker , then we enter at the Museum at 12:00. In the museum we saw many of paintings and the guide was talking and explaining in English. When we finished we went to the train station and we went back to the secondary school.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Our survey

Are women and men equal? 

We asked 24 people. Most of them were 40 years old women.
We have 24 comments. 5 of them are sexist comments.
Here are some examples:
- (sexist) Men generally have more strength.
- (sexist) Women are more sensitive than men.
- They can do the same work.
- Today men and women don't have the same rights at work and in society , it shouldn't be so.
We made men and women silhouetes to post the comments.
We found slogans for the banners. Here are some examples:
- Marriage is not a sex contract.
- A feminist is any women who tells the truth about her life.
- When men are opressed, it's a tragedy. When women are opressed, it's a tradition.
- Equal rights are not special rights.
Here's the picture of our final work in our classroom. 

Jose Aguilar, Cristina Garcia, Miguel Paredes, Natalia Hidalgo y Juan Manuel Romero

Misterious Story

Valentine's Night

On the night of Valentine's day. Some lovers went to see a movie of love to the cinema. Were they alone in the room and spirits started coming out of the screen. They ran, they were scared but the doors were closed, did not know what to do. There are blood from everywhere and a girl in a dress and a white face appeared front of them. The girl began to scream very high and they couldn't bear the scream. His heads exploded and felt much pain, but didn't die. They couldn't bear more, they wanted to die. The white girl screamed more and more until they finally died and left all the room fills with blood.


The factory of marzipan

This is the story of a Christmas eve, the factory of marzipan is contaminated and they begin to have serious illnesses in people and the population becomes zombie, but there is a survivor, Santa Claus. The factory of Santa Claus and his elves manufactured some mistletoe to cure disease and them are launching from the sleigh in the air all zombie. But an evil Goblin steals the mistletoes that does not want the population to return to become persons and are converted into zombie. The faithful friend of the Goblin discovers what he was doing and the only idea that you have is to kill the Goblin. Remains with the in an old, large and abandoned ship. Suddenly they heard slow steps, this Goblin sigh, I knew that it would only be one alive. The evil Goblin approached very quickly and was shot above, suddenly the Goblin get a chainsaw and pluck you the head of rennet... It seemed that everything was over but suddenly heard noises ever closer. Appeared many zombie, about 500, the Goblin try to exterminate them with the chainsaw to all. But a zombie went running to his skull and took the brain and they jumped jets of blood. Santa Claus in an attempt to save to the Goblin stuck a C4 to the chest and he jumped from his sled, arriving at the ground exploded not served at all that the epidemic was spreading increasingly more rapid. And the children did not have a happy Christmas with presents because logically by were killed all.