Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Los Pinares Woodland Project - Jose Aguilar

Around us there are a school, a secondary school, bars, an hermitage, Aqualand, Crocodile park, sport centre, sport fields, fair ground, a road, a way and a water company.
We couldn't find any chipmunk or any mouse.
The woodland has two drinking fountains, many tables, stone bench, many different plants, pine trees and olive trees.
It has two drinking fountains, many tables and stone benches.

Los Pinares Woodland Project - Juan Manuel Romero

It is very important to know about trees beacause they give us oxygen.
There are many tipes of plants in “Los Pinos”.
There aren't much animals in “Los Pinos”.
We couldn't find squirrels.
The woodland has many facilities for visitors.
It has many tipes ot trees.
It doesn't have grass on the gorund.
They were only on parts that the sun could reach.

Los Pinares Woodland Proyect - Natalia HIdalgo

It is a wooland.
There are flowers, trees, plants,animals...
There isn't much grass.
We couldn't find any spider
The wooland has a lot of pine trees.