Sunday, 16 December 2012

Winter story

A typical winter story
- A winter night, two children left their house to find wood in the forest. It was snowing and the forest was dark. The children found a dead chipmunk with two head, they was scared and they ran rapid. When they stopped of run they didn't know where they were. They saw a light ray that exited of the floor. They walked to the light and they saw more animals dead with two heads. They slept until the sun shined and they knew where their house was. They ran to their house and they said to their mother where they were and what they saw. The children left their house to make a snowman with the snow and they saw again the light ray, they went to the light and they saw an underground way. They entered to the underground way but was dark, they went back to their house and they caught a lantern, they went to the underground way and they saw an elevator, they entered to the elevator and down to the minus two. There was experiments with animals and radioactivity. The light was a light ray radioactive to make humans will be immune to diseases. The children ran to their house and they phoned to the police. They solved all the problem with this dangerous and illegal experiments.

- This is a very good, winter story grandfather.
- Thank you, come on to search chipmunks.
- No, come in to the house to the chimney and a cup of hot chocolate.
- No, war of snowballs!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Healthy habits

Christmas story

South Pole goblins
It was December 23, just missing a day so that Santa Claus give away gifts to children around the world, but a South Pole goblinskidnapped had kidnapped Santa Claus to not give away gifts. North Pole goblins made a long journey to the South Pole to rescue Santa Claus. When they came prepared all their weapons and fought to kill all the goblins south pole, there were only five hours to distribute gifts. They get kill all the goblins and now had to find where they had kidnapped Santa Claus. They find he when only missing one hour to distribute gifts and distributed gifts to children around the world. 

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