Saturday, 17 March 2012


The factory of marzipan

This is the story of a Christmas eve, the factory of marzipan is contaminated and they begin to have serious illnesses in people and the population becomes zombie, but there is a survivor, Santa Claus. The factory of Santa Claus and his elves manufactured some mistletoe to cure disease and them are launching from the sleigh in the air all zombie. But an evil Goblin steals the mistletoes that does not want the population to return to become persons and are converted into zombie. The faithful friend of the Goblin discovers what he was doing and the only idea that you have is to kill the Goblin. Remains with the in an old, large and abandoned ship. Suddenly they heard slow steps, this Goblin sigh, I knew that it would only be one alive. The evil Goblin approached very quickly and was shot above, suddenly the Goblin get a chainsaw and pluck you the head of rennet... It seemed that everything was over but suddenly heard noises ever closer. Appeared many zombie, about 500, the Goblin try to exterminate them with the chainsaw to all. But a zombie went running to his skull and took the brain and they jumped jets of blood. Santa Claus in an attempt to save to the Goblin stuck a C4 to the chest and he jumped from his sled, arriving at the ground exploded not served at all that the epidemic was spreading increasingly more rapid. And the children did not have a happy Christmas with presents because logically by were killed all.