Saturday, 21 April 2012

Trailer de "Los juegos del hambre" Español / English

Trailer de "Los Juegos del Hambre" en español

"The Hunger Games" Trailer in english


Thursday, 19 April 2012


Torremolinos is a fantastic place of Malaga. There are beautiful mountains called Mount Los Pajaritos. There are big forests and woods, but the most important things are the beaches.
One of the best places to visit is Aquapark. There are beautiful green spaces with flowers and small animals. It's a great place for walking, jogging and cycling. Also you can visit monuments. You can see squirrels , crocodiles, jellyfish and many other animals in the woods.

Another fantastic place is Benalmadena There is a great theme park and there are also great beaches. You can see the Mijas costa on the top of Benalmadena. Another great thing you can visit is the Congress Palace were you can see car expositions concerts, and you can also buy clothes on Outlets or even you can assist to Expo Gay 2013.

By Juan Manuel Romero

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Come to Palenciana
Paleciana is a fantastic place in Cordoba. There aren't any big cities. There are a famous river called Genil.
One of the best places to visit is the Museum. There are beautiful valleys and you can go to the Genil to swim and see many animals. It's a great place for swimming, cycling, walking, climbing... Also you can visit the museum. You can see tortoises, pigeons, cats, dogs, eagles, chickens, pigs ...

 Another fantastic place is Benidorm in Alicante. There are beautiful beaches. You can see many tourists and tall towers.

Rolling In The Deep