Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Trip to El Chorro

In the morning we went to school as usual at 8:3O, we sat on the benches beside the front door, there we talked until the teacher came and told us t we were going to the bus. At 9 o'clock we went on the bus. Everybody chatted with no end, others listened to music and others took photos. It was a long journey ,about an hour.

When we got to “El Chorro” we saw enormous reservoir and trees. It was like if there was many beaches but instead of sand there was mud and rocks. At 10:15 we went of the bus and the teachers gave us an explanation about what we were going to see and do. After ten minutes we Began to walk, we went through a path and we got to an old weir where we recieved a good explanation. Beside the weir there was a tYpe of chair made of stone where the King of Spain sat.
At 11:05 we started our journey through the forest, we went through a huge cage of 25 m long. On our journey through the forest we saw lots of types of animals, trees and plants. We walked for more than 3 hours. We went along a byway to a place called “El caminito del rey” but it was very old and weak.

At 13:00 we got to the shop where people bought sweets and crisps and talked for a long while.
At 14:30 we went to the small “beach” where we swam about two hours and people took photos and ate food. At 17: 00 we went to another dam where we got small boats that we could drive an dive into the water, after that we changed clothes and waited for the bus .While we were talking each other. It was a long journey back and we were very tired.